‘We Are Still Here’ is a sustainable investigation that will look into how visual representations of living spaces can offer an insight into the lived experiences and mental well-being of people in the HIV/AIDS community in the UK.

Photography and its crucial role as a means of identity, visibility and representation will be used as a resource to capture the lives of those within the HIV-community, both those living with it and those who lost loved ones to it. Alongside these images will be each individual's story of their self-curated living space, and the archive it represents.

Despite this pandemic being very much alive, there has been a steady decline in the visibility of HIV/AIDS in the public consciousness. Photography can immortalise victims and offer remem-brance, but this medium is also a poignant and reassuring tool for survivors. We hope to negate the prejudice and stigma that has accompanied the condition from its early days.

If the past year has shown us anything, it's how important and vital our shared living spaces are to our happiness and a sense of security. This research project will offer a forum where all members of society can re-engage with an outcast social group. To be a part of that wider world again, the HIV-community must invite it into their own.

This exhibition will make them visible again.

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